Industrial design, engineering & incubation
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Production Creation Agency & Incubator Every project is unique, every project has its own challenges.  Our  team of industry specialist designers and engineers untangle complex challenges through the creation of smart, cost effective products using our gated product development process (PDP) From Fuzzy Front End to Mass Production We create great products which deliver memorable user experiences and improve lives. We get your product in the market through using our complete turn-key product development solution merging Market research, Aesthetic product styling, Mechanical design, Electrical engineering, Prototyping, Design for manufacture (DfM), Software engineering, Product testing, Compliance & certification Project management.
We tailor our PDP to suit your project, general phases include: Fuzzy Front End Product Investigation Preliminary Design Prototype fabrication & testing Detail Design Production Qualification Pilot Production Mass-Production We work in close collaboration to define product requirements, concepts, prototype and evaluate solutions. The end result is the delivery of a complete engineering design pack ready for transfer to production The details So, how can we help you? Our service breaks your problem down into Ideas generation Innovative design Business model integration Brand success focus Tailored solutions. Our PDP allows for early testing and verification of design, engineering and usability principles, with each PDP phase having a formal gate review.  This methodology is key to keeping projects in focus, on time and within budget